Friday, July 18, 2014

Parkers Update!

Dear Friends and Family,
It has been a while since we have written to you.  We have been in the states now since April.  We are enjoying every minute!   We started our time here with a two week, much needed, vacation.  We love being here with our children again. And we have been able to go around to quite a few churches talking about our work in Chad.  We have met a lot of new people and some have been so wonderful to us that we know we will remain good friends for life.  We have also spent some time in doctor's offices checking on our health and some concerns have come up.  

Some of you know that this last year in Chad was really rough on us.  Being away from our children for the first time was not easy and I know it is the same for so many others.  But me being a hovering mother was really hard to do from Chad.  I had many conversations on the phone with my kids in tears and that was the worst to not be able to go and run to their rescue.  But on the other hand, it was probably good for them to grow and figure things out on their own too.  It was a blessing to be able to pick up our kids from school and bring them "home".   Cory was at Andrews but is now in Chattanooga and he will be taking a year off of school and work.  Brichelle was at GCA (Georgia Cumberland Academy) and plans on returning in the fall.  I am proud of both of them for getting through this year.  

We spent some time traveling around to different churches and sharing what has been going on in Chad.  This is always such a blessing for us because it continually reminds us of why we are there.  We have also met so many new people that have been so great to us and I just want to thank them for opening up their homes and their lives to us.  We want to keep this door open for anyone that would like us to come to your church.  It looks like we will be here through October, at least.  We would like to continue to do work for the people of Chad from here as much as we can.  So please consider this if you feel like this is something your church would be interested in.  You can reach us through email or my phone number is (423) 284-0242 and send me a text. 

So for the big reason we will be here through October.  Jamie has been having severe pain in his back since February.  He was cutting a mahogany tree in Bere when something happened and he started having pain ever since.  He can't sleep and so we have been working hard to try and work with insurance and doctors to get something done ever since we have been in the states.  So now he is going to have back surgery July 29.  The doctor wants him to stay all year but we all know that we can't stay away from Bere that long so we are going to have his 3 month check up and if everything looks good we will be going back.  Until then I want you all to know that all of the programs will continue.  We are in the process of sending money to Chad now for the baby formula program and many other things that we have a commitment to.  This is a huge concern for me and I will be sure that it is taken care of.  

We need prayer for our future endeavor in Chad.  We are considering building an Orphanage.  We take care of so many children now and it only made sense to us.  We already have the land, which is in the perfect location just a 15 minute walk from the hospital and school.  We bought 8 acres already for $1,500 and we are looking into buying the land next to that which has so many fruit trees already.  The land is perfect because half of it is perfect for growing rice during the rainy season and the other half is on higher ground for housing.  We don't know if this is what God wants us to do but our hearts are into it 100 percent.  Please help us to see if this is something God wants us to do.  Pray for us! 

We now have a Facebook page for (Parkers4Bere) and we would appreciate you going there and checking it out and if you like it push the like it button and this will help us in many ways.  We will be putting up a lot more pictures and stories in the next week, so look for that.  This is new for us but we are so excited about it so that we can keep you more informed on big and little things that are going on weekly.  We also want you to know that our blog now has a donation button that is set up for credit cards and this still goes through Adventist giving which will still goes through our church and a tax write off.  One time donations are always welcome especially for the orphanage but for us to continue on a steady basis donations monthly are what we need.  

Thanks again for your continual support for what we are doing in Chad.  I can see that, since we have been in the states,  God really is coming soon.  Help us reach the part of the world that is in desperate need of knowing Him. 

Tammy Parker

Jamie phone: +235 93 46 46 35 
Tammy phone: +235 95 25 86 58 

Jamie & Tammy Parker 
Hopital Adventiste de Bere 
52 Boite Postale 
Kelo, TChad 

To Donate with Debit Card and Credit Card click on link below.

All donations can be sent to: 

Harrison SDA Church 
P.O. Box 969 
Harrison,  TN  37341 

Make Checks payable to: 
Harrison SDA Church 
Earmark:  "The Bere Project" 

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