Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never too young….


Dear Friends and Family, 

Recently I had another scare that another little boy that I love was going to die.  He is only about 9 months old but I have known his mother longer than that.  They ended up in the hospital for a couple of weeks and during that time I would go and visit.  It just didn't seem like he was getting better.  One time when I went to visit I saw that the signs of death were there.  I had seen it before and I began to panic.  I left and went to talk to Dr. Olen about this child's case.  He ended up coming over to look at the boy and he looked at me and in a calm voice just told me that there was reason to be concerned.  Inside I am screaming!  No!  I couldn't stand to see another baby I love die!  What am I going to do?  

I knew that there was not much to do.  Feeling so desperate I stepped out of my comfort zone and in front of about 10 of their family members I prayed over the boy.  I prayed with all my heart and begged that God would please save this one.  I also asked for wisdom on what to do to help.  After my prayer there was an old women with gray hair that said that sometimes this flower "lozah" can help with the congestion that was affecting his breathing.  I thought, lets try it.   I knew I didn't have any at my house and so I sent one of my boys that help me out all the time to the market to find this lozah.  In the meantime the grandmother gave the child another native juice that was similar.  And after the other lozah was prepared and given the boy had the energy to cough up so much stuff  from his lungs that it was able to give him a good night sleep.  Something he didn't have for many nights.  I think the sugar in the juice helped his little body as well and he began to perk up the next day.  

He still remained in the hospital for the rest of the week but he is now at home well and alive.  I just praise God for saving his life.  I truly believe that He did. 

Now the story does not end here.  I knew that the hospital bill was adding up.  It was becoming more than what we usually help out with.  Then I remembered a special box with money in it that I have been saving for the perfect baby.  This box was given to me the last time we were in the states by a young boy by the name of Joby Nash.  We did a program in his sabbath school class in Collegedale and God touched his heart.  He came to my house the next day and had presented me with a beautiful picture of the beach for me to look at while I am in Chad along with this special box.  He handed it to me and it was all of his savings for a bike.  But God had touched his heart and he told me that he wanted me to take it back to Chad and save a baby's life with it.  I am happy to let him know that I used this money to pay for this baby boy that I love so much.

This just proves that you are never to young to make a difference.  God can use anyone that is willing to listen.  And I praise Him for providing all the needs to save this baby.  

Thank you Joby and thank you God for saving lives. 

Love and blessings, 
Tammy Parker