Friday, August 22, 2014

Parker's Update!!

Hi Everyone!
We just wanted to update everyone on what has been going on with us.  Jamie had his surgery on the 29th of July and everything seemed to be okay.  He still had some problems with his sciatic nerve going down his left side down his leg.  We thought that it was just the swelling from the operation and that it would subside.  But three weeks later he is still having intense pain.  It has been such a hard three weeks for him from the pain and for the caregiver, me. I feel really bad for him after seeing him trying to work through all this pain.  But the bottom line is that it is just not going away. 
This Wednesday he started experiencing some loss of control  in that leg to control lifting his foot.   We have come to the conclusion that he has what they call "drop foot" for those of you who know what that is.  He has lost control of the ability to lift his left foot when he walks.  He went back to the doctor and he said that there was reason for concern and so Jamie had an MRI on Thursday, yesterday, to determine the problem.  He is going to the doctor today to read the MRI and figure out what needs to be done.  Another surgery may be what he needs.  
I am writing this because we are very discouraged.  It has been a very discouraging situation.  We never thought that it would be like this.  We are definitely needing prayer!  
We are also experiencing financial difficulty staying in the states this long.  Everything costs so much, just food and fuel and household expenses are catching up with us.  I have never wanted to write for help like this but it is getting to that point.  We need help.  I know that so many of you are helping with so many of the needs and programs that we have for the Chadian people but we are really having a hard time.   It is hard for me to ask for help but I don't know what else to do.  We are struggling financially.  Please, those that feel like they can help us please!  We will make sure that we are conservative with what we spend but we need help!  
Thank you all for everything you have done for us in the past.  Especially those that donate monthly to keep us going.  But right now we are looking for a sign that God wants us to go back. 

Tammy Parker

Jamie phone: +235 93 46 46 35 
Tammy phone: +235 95 25 86 58 

Jamie &Tammy Parker 
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