Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Parker Update!

Dear Friends and Family,
We want to thank everyone for all the prayers for our family and especially for Jamie and his health.  God has really been using all of you to encourage us and for that we are so grateful!  We feel so blessed to have so many good people in our lives that love us and have taken the time to help us through this challenging time in our lives.  We have tried to be the people to do the encouraging whether it be here or in Chad and it is hard to have it switched.  But God has repeatedly been there for us and we know that He is not going to leave us now in our time of need. We also want to thank those who have helped us out financially.  This has been a huge relieve! So thank you all so much! 
The update on Jamie is that he is not going to have to have surgery again.  He had an MRI again and it didn't show that anything had moved or that anything was pressing on that nerve going to his foot.  "Thank you Jesus!"  So the next thing that we are waiting for is approval from insurance to give him a cortisone shot which is scheduled for September 12.  He is also taking some pills that are suppose to help his nerves.  Walking is suppose to be the best medicine though and so he has been out everyday trying to walk about a mile.  Walking has become a little more difficult with his drop foot but he is a very determined man to get this pain to subside.  I am very proud of him but it has been really hard to watch him suffer everyday the way he is.  So please continue to keep him on your prayer list for healing. 
This next paragraph is a little more difficult to write.  I sat here crying for a couple of minutes before I could compose myself enough to write it.  Satan is still attacking us.  A week ago on Monday we found out that our 19 year old son Cory got married to a 25 year old with 4 children!  Many of you may know this already and saw it on Facebook, which is the way we found out! It has been a difficult week of emotions that we are trying to put into perspective, but it has just been difficult for us.  So please put our whole family on your prayer list.