Saturday, December 31, 2011

More pics

Adam and Cory just finished digging the grave

such a small casket

More pics

They are burying him next to his sister Dinah!

Greatest Sacrifice!

I don't even know where to start other than to just tell the story as I know it.  Olen came to our house early this morning banging on our door.  I heard him the first time and started to get out of bed but then I heard him bang really hard and said, "Jamie, Tammy you need to go to the hospital, Adam just died!"  I then jumped out of bed in a panic, I got a sweatshirt on and ran over even without Jamie, he was coming just behind me.  I ran over to where they were in an office and I ran to Sarah sitting on a bed.  I hugged her and buried her head into my chest as I said, "Sarah, I am so so so so sorry!"  I didn't know what else to say.  I was overwhelmed and the tears are pouring from everyone.  I look over at James and he is over his lifeless son's body pouring out his grief.  I couldn't believe it!  Life is so fragile here.

Yesterday, James and Sarah came to Bere to get both of their children tested for malaria because Adam, their boy, was running a fever of 104.  The test came out positive with Adam at .10 and Miriam at .05.  They both got hooked up to IV quinine.  Even up to this morning it seemed as though they were both getting better.  They were both playing and moving around with energy.  At some point this morning between 6:00 and 7:00 Adam started to have a seizure.  From there it was trying to just save his life.  I am sure that any of you can read exactly what happened under James' blog later when he finds the time to write, but for now this is all I know.  We are preparing to have a service later today but I wanted to inform all of you that it is true we have lost another one of God's children to malaria.  Satan is after them and many here to discourage the mission.  I tell of you this right now because many are starting to hear the news in America and I want to confirm that it is true.  Please pray for them.  We all need the encouragement but especially James and Sarah for this is the second child in a year. 

I am sending pictures so you can see a little of the events as they happen.  I will write again later tonight after the service.  I am going to send two or three emails so you can have the pictures.  I can only send three at a time with one email. 

Thank you for your prayers and support. 

Love, Tammy

Friday, December 30, 2011

The End of the Year!

It is the end of another year and there is so much that I feel like I
will be able to look back at during the year 2011. It has been a busy
year but a really productive one.

Jamie has helped with getting the new doctors settled in their new home
by helping with the two new rooms made for their children. He managed
the high wall that they had put up around almost half the compound. He
helped build the new guard's house. He built two other house/huts at
different families houses for the new volunteers that come. He helped
build the new SM house here on our compound. Jamie also has connected
the new big generator up to the two compounds with Stan Wheeler so that
when they get ready to start building new buildings at the hospital it
will be ready to go. He has helped paint the maternity ward, make many
wooden bookshelves, chairs, coat racks, tables and repaired much more at
the hospital. He has been there every time to save the day if the car
stops working or there is a leak anywhere at the hospital or on our
compound. He has put in a couple wells and tried at many others that
just would not work. He made a cement "Maytag" as we call it where the
ladies can do the laundry outside. He has helped put up 4 "one day
churches" two for churches and two for the nutrition center. He has
helped James Appel in Moundou with putting in all the electrical wiring,
the mens ward and clinic painted inside and outside, put in a well, and
put in a lot of the plumbing. He made sure the grass in the rainy
season was mowed and even cut down trees when needed with his chainsaw.
He made several hundred bricks with the new brick machine. I am sure I
am missing several other things but to say the least Jamie is far from
lazy and I am very proud of all the work he has done for this place.
All of this does not include all the work he does for everybody and
their computers to make it possible for volunteers to stay in touch with
their loved ones.

As far as what I feel like I have done is more with the people. I do
feel like I have been able to make many more connections with the people
through the giving that I so much love to do. I not only did that but
have been super busy with Olen and Danae's children. I absolutely love
both of them, Zane is now 6 months old and Lyol is going to be 3 in
January. I took on the babysitting more than Brichelle because after
the summer I needed her to get super serious with school and it is
impossible while watching two little ones. Home school has been at the
top of my list of duties this year. It has been a challenge to balance
everything but I think we have a good system in now and we even have
some of the SM's coming to our house to tutor especially for Cory's
Pre-Calculus class. Many of my memories and stories I have are going to
be from all the people that come to my house everyday. The baby formula
program really got going this year. Helping mothers with getting their
milk to come in. I am on the school board and try and keep them in line
and doing what they are suppose to be doing. This year we were able to
put up a new roof on the school office so the rain would not wash the
walls away. I had some landscaping done at the school and had two burn
barrels made out of brick and cement so they could make sure it stays
clean around there. The work with helping children and their tuition is
always a job but still very fulfilling and needed. Even providing some
of the school supplies for kids. I have even gone over to the school
and bought all the peanuts from the people outside that sell it and gave
it to all the hungry children in school. I try to be here as the mother
to all the SM's, we want them to have a place they can call a little bit
of home away from home.

Many of these projects are just projects but it has been the
relationships that we are building as we are helping to build this place
up. The year 2011 has been a great year but I am looking forward to
what the Lord has next for us to do. I want to thank each and everyone
of you who have given to our mission for Bere. We would not be able to
even be here if it were not for you. We pray that God will continue to
bless you as well as the projects we have to face in the future. We all
should stay focused on the coming of our Savior as He is begging on our
behalf as I write this. He needs just a little more time to reach those
few who have not been reached yet. Lets continue to work together.
Through the needs of the sick to the needs of the children and all who
want to hear and experience the love of God we are here to show them and
give it to them. Thank you for making all this possible.

Here is a short list I tried to put together to help you to see where it
is that we could use some extra help. This is also the last call before
the end of the year. Thanks again, we love you all, and thank you for
the financial, emotional and prayer support for in a place like this.
Your prayers I know have helped us with our sickness this year for Jamie
had malaria 3 times, Cory 4 times, Brichelle one time and Tammy none.
That is a huge improvement from the last year. Thank you! Hope you all
have a Happy New Year!

Love, The Parkers
Jamie, Tammy, Cory and Brichelle

School Projects

Tuition for one child in grades 1st- 6th - $12.00 per year
Tuition for one child in grades 7th- 10th - $36.00 per year
Uniform cost for any child in Adventist School - $10.00
Cost for all notebooks and pens for upper grades - $10.00
Cost for all notebooks and pens for lower grades - $7.00
Yearly improvement upkeep on the school - $100.00
Six clocks needed for each class right now per class - $15.00
10 brooms needed - $50.00

**Other projects**

Provide soap for needy people - $36.00 per box (for 2 month supply)
Big project this year to buy rice for the needy per bag - $70.00

(for the rice, it is given out little by little not a whole bag but this
year rice was bad because there was not a lot of rain this year and a
bag started at $20 more per bag which will really hurt a lot of people
this year so we are stocking up now while rice is $70 per bag because it
will probably end up at $150 per bag around May)

Basket/Bag of food - $20.00


Mainly we help the children or old people at the hospital

Treat a child with malaria - $15.00
Treat an adult with malaria - $10.00
Other medical needs usually don't pass $50.00
Would love to paint the emergency- $20 per gallon

**Jamie's projects**

Cement for bricks (want to build office for grade school)
Cement for wells - one bag of cement $25.00

If we can think of more we will let you know.

We are 100% volunteers and your donations are deeply appreciated, as are
your prayers, both of which will contribute greatly to our mission.


Harrison Seventh-Day Adventist Church

PO BOX 969 Harrison, Tn. 37341

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Catch up Survivor!

Not many SMs were here for this Survivor.  Many of the SMs like Matt, Dani, Linden, Marci and Mayline took time off to take a vacation to Moundou to do a little shopping.  They left Thursday and came back later Sunday evening.  We decided to go ahead with Survivor with those who stayed behind to give them a little fun. 

We started off with listening to five memory verses from each team to put up on the wall of the surgery recover ward.  Both teams made a great list and one verse was even the same.  But again someone had to be the winner.  This time "Team Cory" won the two week challenge.  They won a can of vege dogs and could not have been happier with it. 

Every week we try to think about the things that the local people here do and we try to incorporate these things into some of the challenges.  Some examples are climbing trees, carrying things on their heads, starting a charcoal fire to boil water and even try some of the crazy food that they have here.  This time Olen and Danae got creative and came up with how they use a squat pot.  There are no regular toilets here like we are use to in the states, only a hole in the ground.  So Olen and Danae set up a challenge that a person from each team had to get up on a bench and squat down like the people do here to use the bathroom.  Next to them on the bench would be a big bowl of dirt and water mushed together to create something to represent poo.  They were to throw the mud/poo at their opponent to try and get them off balance and fall off their bench.  The disadvantage for Team Brichelle is that Brichelle and Adam are the only ones around to do the challenge and on the other team was Cory, Amanda, Anna and Janna.  That means that Team Brichelle was going to get worn out faster.  It started out pretty good and Brichelle's team was keeping up just fine.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the throwing mud way too much.  But in the end it came down to Cory and Adam.  Who will win?  They had a stick placed under their leg so they couldn't squat too much or go up too much.  The sweat was really starting to pour out of each of them as they tried to hang on for just another second.  With all the extra times for Adam that he had to step up to the plate got him worn out a little faster than Cory and so Team Cory won again.  What a night for them!

The reward this time was money!  But this was money that they were to buy things for someone in the village that is in great need.  They got what was equivalent to $30.00 and Team Brichelle got $20.00.  Each team can put more of their own money into the gift giving if they want but this was the amounts provided.  They could buy for one family or 10 families but we want it to be anonymous and for really needy people.  This challenge was to be done for during the holiday to spice up the giving spirit. 

Until next time on "Missionary Survivor, Chad Africa".

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catch up on Survivor!

Its time for an update on the last Survivor.

But first I want to introduce all the SMs on the teams.

Team Brichelle we have: Marci Anderson
                                                     Adam Hernandez
                                                     Linden Doss
                                                    Minnie Pardillo
                        Allah a local boy fills in to even teams
Team Cory we have:  Matt Haus
                                            Dani Nobuhara
                                            Amanda Beal
                                            Anna Wijatyk
                                            Janna Wagner
                                           Mayline Nambela
We started by listening to both teams present their commercials.  Both were very good and Danae said that she was going to get them both put on the radio but one had to win the competition for the night.  One team was more prepared for the presentation and that was "Team Cory".   They won a night at the Parkers for pizza night and a movie. 

Next was another two week challenge we left with them.  They had a list of ten bible promises to help them through their time here.  Two points were given per text memorized.  "Team Cory" won the challenge again for they had worked really hard and received brownies for their reward but with this challenge everyone was a winner.   

Now for the active challenges for the day.  We had set up an obstacle coarse.  The real challenge for them was to go through it with being attached to one another with a rope around their ankles. First they were to walk across a 16 foot plank that was raised up off the ground by bricks.  Then a propane tank was put on its side and one person had to stand on it and roll it across a rope on the ground.  If they fell off it was decided that they start all over on the plank but that rule was put aside after a couple of tries.  This leg of the race was hard for them so we told them they could hold the persons hands and help them along.  This put "Team Brichelle" in the lead.  Next was a blown up inter-tube that they had to put their whole team through one by one with still being tied together.  Which was an easy thought for "Team Brichelle" but some of the players on "Team Cory" really got confused on how to do that with the rope on their foot.  Next everyone goes under a bench and off to the other end of the compound to the fence.  At the fence everyone has to find 5 twisty ties, a set for each team.  First it was "Team Brichelle" that made it to the fence first but to find the twisty ties was just too hard and "Team Cory" finally got there, and caught up with "Team Brichelle" after crying about the ropes on their ankles, they found the twisty ties fast and at the time "Team Brichelle" found them.  The race was really on to see which team could get to the other side of the compound and put the twisty ties on a stick that was being held by Tony for one team and a boy named Rommel for the other.  "Team Brichelle" won the race.  This reward won them one pass card for the next challenge.  A food challenge.

A mat was put out on the ground with several plates placed on it with bowls over the top of them to hide the food that was put under them.  Points and numbers were assigned to each plate for the event.  Everyone sat down with much curiosity.  Some of the SMs were either coming off from being sick with malaria or still with malaria.  This was going to be tough for those.  The first challenge was for Janna to take down soy sauce that was in a cup.  This scared me as the soy sauce just came bubbling out of her mouth, black nastiness was dribbling everywhere and I see her trying to take it down anyways but she just could not do it and she threw up everywhere including in the other cup with soy sauce for the other team.  Linden was up next and without any knowledge to the vomit in his cup he drank the whole thing.  Sick!!! What are we doing to our SMs?  After that  we felt like giving him extra points.  What a start!  One person after another seemed to get things down.  Even Marci with having to eat 5 fried grasshoppers.  I couldn't believe she did it cause she was one that still had nausea from malaria but she pulled it off for the team and they won, "Team Brichelle" were the winners.

We would not do any of this if this was something that the SMs said they did not want to do but everyone has been a great sport and are enjoying the challenges as well as the rewards. 

For the next two weeks we gave the teams the assignment to find good bible verses to be put up on the wall in the surgery recovery ward.  It is going to be painted in French and Arabic.  We'll see what they come up with! 

Until the next time on "Missionary Survivor, Chad Africa."

Monday, December 26, 2011

Fun holiday pics

Here is a few extra holiday pictures of our family.

This is a picture of the gift picture frame that Jamie made me with the "Mama Cory" letter he wrote me for my 40th birthday.  You  can find it on our blog under April 2010. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our Holiday Card 2U


We wish all of you love, joy and peace during the holiday season and all year through!

                                                      and Tammy       

 --  We are 100% volunteers and your donations are deeply appreciated, as are your prayers, both of which will contribute greatly to our mission.   PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE MEMO AREA OF YOUR CHECK FOR “THE BERE PROJECT” AND SEND TO.  Harrison Seventh-Day Adventist Church  PO BOX 969 Harrison, Tn. 37341  

Part 2 from Chad

Part 2

As sabbath came to a close we had made plans to open our home up to all of the SMs.  We wanted to make sure that they had a home away from home for the holiday.  We put up a small Christmas tree and lights to set the mood.  We had all kinds of treats laid out on the table.  Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolates, cookies, cake, sushi, popcorn and pizza.  We wanted this to be a real party for them.  We invited them to come and have a sleepover.  The eating and Christmas movie marathon continued all night and I finally gave up at 2:00 am.  In between the movies we played games including a tradition we have in our family and that is Christmas BINGO.  I had several items that I picked out and wrapped as gifts for the winners.  It was played as a white elephant gift game where you can take someones gift or open a new one.  We played this for quite a while and many of them loved it.  In between all the fun the electricity went out just as a reminder to where we are.  Jamie grabbed his keys and ran right over to turn on the generator.  When you go to do this you are entering the pre operating room and so he had to remove his shoes.  He goes on in and has to get up on something to check if something else needs to be reset.  When he did this he lost his balance and stepped back and right on to a piece of an old surgery table.  A piece of this "U" shaped metal went all the way up into his foot and he had to pull it out.  He made it back to the house where Danae tried to clean it up but the wound was so deep and painful that she couldn't irrigate it very well.  Jamie is already on antibiotics because he had a cough that we have been concerned about.  I hope this will help him out with this wound and infection that is so difficult to fight here.  Keep him in prayer for he is in a lot of pain.

Christmas morning all the SMs went out to the SM building to open their stockings that Danae made for them and then the two of us filled.  Chad is probably the only place that you can have toilet paper in your stocking and be excited about it.  While they were out there spending time doing that it gave our family time to open our gifts and share special time alone.  After a family prayer we had open house again for all the SMs get ready for a special breakfast that a few of the volunteers worked really hard on.  Everyone was given a menu that had a list of things like Santa's sleigh or Baby it's cold outside or my favorite was Abominable snowman poo.  You had to check which thing you wanted to order not knowing what you were going to get and maybe you were served gravy with no biscuit or eggs and a cup of fruit and yogurt but no spoon or fork.  It was a lot of fun and they did an excellent job.  After the big clean up from breakfast we had a game of the white elephant gift exchange.  Lots of fun but everyone is tired and everyone goes off to their separate ways to get some sleep or relax. 

In between all of these events that we planned to entertain ourselves, I had a lot of people come for many things.  I am grateful to God that He has given me the love for the people to make this task easier.  It is a lot of work to have so many in need but with God I can find the joy and compassion.

There is something a little more simple to Christmas here.  I love being here and being able to have helping people be my daily job.  God knows exactly what will truly make us happy.  Open your minds to listen to what God has for you today.  Remember that all of the things in this world are going to pass away but if we can invest all that we have in others around us that is what will last forever.  It is very exciting to me to think about all the people from here that I want to see running around healthy in heaven.  Everyone from the old blind lady that calls me Dorcas to the little babies that are so small I don't know how they can even be alive.    This world can't last much longer! 
 --  We are 100% volunteers and your donations are deeply appreciated, as are your prayers, both of which will contribute greatly to our mission.   PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE MEMO AREA OF YOUR CHECK FOR “THE BERE PROJECT” AND SEND TO.  Harrison Seventh-Day Adventist Church  PO BOX 969 Harrison, Tn. 37341  

Merry Christmas from Chad!

 Merry Christmas Everyone!   Our Christmas day is coming to an end and yours is just beginning.  I hope that you have a fulfilling holiday and that each of you think of our Savior and what He has given up for us.  I hope that you too have been able to enjoy a little of the giving season as much as we have.  I would like to let you know what it is like having Christmas in Chad. This is going to be a two part letter because I want to give pictures to help show you as well as tell you how different it is here.     Our holiday really started Christmas eve eve.  Friday was an extremely busy day for us getting the house ready for the full weekend we had planned for the volunteers.  I also made a lot of goodies for all my native loved ones.  These goodies were only possible because of all of our good friends and family that provided us with all the means to do so.  I put together a plate full of goodies and some in little bags to hand out to those that came to the door.  Friday was a lot of work but so much fun too showing everyone that helps us out everyday how much we appreciate them.  Their faces showed so much surprise.  It was so much fun!   This is a picture of a little girl about 6 months old.  Her name is Temda and we have been helping her since she was born.  I have not seen her since she was born because they live far from Bere.  She just got out of the hospital after being sick for quite a while.  She is way too little for six months so I taught the grandmother how to make a nutritious porridge and provided them with all the ingredients to help them out for the next week.  She is so beautiful and sweet that I had to take some pictures of her and thought you all would enjoy seeing where some of your money is going.     Saturday morning I woke up to three little kids sitting on my bench outside my door holding an infant.  I knew the little boy for he is one that would come to work for baby food for his little brother but he has not been very regular lately.  After getting myself ready for church I walked outside to talk to them.  The baby was so small.  We ended up weighing him and he is a big 8 lbs at 7-8 months old.  Think about that, that is how much a newborn weighs.  Danae was walking by and she was touched by this as much as I was and we both wanted to just take the baby in for a month or two just long enough to fatten him up a little and give him a fighting chance at life.  The father is in Ndjamena but for how long the children have no idea and that is why they came to me cause they needed to feed him and had nothing.  I decided to skip church and take the baby inside and give him a very much needed bath.  I could hardly handle it, he was skin and bones, literally!  He was crying but did not have the strength for a very loud cry but I noticed one tear made it out of his eye as it rolled around his face toward his ear.  His legs were retracted into a fetal position as though he was trying to keep himself warm even though the water was warm.  His little body and loose skin tore me up inside.  I got a newborn outfit from my Samaritan center closet and as I put it on I wanted to just cry for it was too big on him.  I found a pair of socks to help him feel warn and a hat.  I rubbed his body with a type of oil they use on their skin here, for his skin was almost wrinkly.  I grabbed the bottle of formula that I had made and snuggled him as he sucked it down.  I stop and think about how stressed I had been feeling about the baby program for it has been growing and I don't want to have to turn anyone away that needs it.  But as long as God continues to lead me to believe this is a mission He wants me to continue I will keep doing it.  We pray that God will bring to us that day who He wants us to help.  It can be a heartbreaking mission but how could I not help after seeing this child.  God knows the needs of His children!    All of us volunteers here worked hard on Friday to try and create a lasagna meal for our Christmas sabbath together.  It turned out wonderful!  It is amazing how creative you can be when you really want something.  We were able to get all of us together at one long table. It reminded me of the table we are eager to sit at in heaven with all the many different types of people that are united by the same purpose in life to serve the Lord.  We invited the three hungry children to join us for our special Christmas dinner.  Four different courses were served starting with salad and garlic bread balls, then pumpkin soup, the main course lasagna and finally pumpkin pie.  We all felt American for an hour and it was great!  During this time we were able to talk about what we all thought would be best to do in this situation.  We really do want to take the child but decided it was not the best thing to do while the father is away.  We told the children to come everyday to get the things necessary to take care of their brother and when their father comes back we will talk with him about it again.     

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Friends and Family

Live life like there is no tomorrow.

Today I had a young girl around the age of 17 come to me with her 6
month old baby. She told me that she wanted to get formula for her baby
boy for she had Aids and heard that it was possible to give it to her
child through breastfeeding. It is true and I have been told that there
is a 6% chance but I have also been told that if it is going to be
transmitted it would be by the age of 6 months. I sent her over to the
hospital to get her baby tested. I figured if the child did not have it
I would provide her with the formula she needed. She waited all day at
our house for the results. She finally got them and waited for me to
read them to her. The results were positive. Her eyes just swelled up
with tears and she began to cry. I felt terrible for the both of them.
There is no father, as usual, and she is living with her grandmother. I
didn't know what to do to console her. I just hugged her and sat with
her until the tears lessened. She thanked me for my help and was on her

There is another thing that I want to share with everyone. For those of
you who know who Naomi is, well her mother just died last Saturday. Her
family didn't call her and let her know until they were almost here with
their mother's body. They wanted to bury her next to her husband in a
village about 24 kilometers away from here. Her mother had been living
in Nigeria and got sick with malaria. Before she could get the proper
medication she needed the malaria had already gone too far and she was
needing blood but she didn't last long enough to receive it. Naomi has
been at home all week and has been doing the week long mourning that
they do here. Several people have come to her house to mourn with her
and support her. She is very strong in her faith and will get pass this
but anyone who has lost a parent can understand the pain she is
experiencing. Please keep her in prayer.

Love, Tammy

We are up to 8 children on the baby formula program now.

We are 100% volunteers and your donations are deeply appreciated, as are
your prayers, both of which will contribute greatly to our mission.


Harrison Seventh-Day Adventist Church

PO BOX 969 Harrison, Tn. 37341