Sunday, April 13, 2014

On our way Back!

Hello Friends and Family, 

We have come to the end of another year and we are on our way back to the states.  This year has been a tough one for many reasons emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We are exhausted and ready to come back and see all our family and friends and spend a lot of time getting spiritually refilled.  

We will be officially be back the evening of April 19th.  We have some things scheduled back to back for the first two week but after that not much.  We will be doing the Broadview Academy alumni reunion April 26th in Illinois and then off to retrieve our son, Cory, from Andrews University.  Then a quick drive back to Tennessee to get to our daughter's gymnastics home show at GCA, can't miss that. 

We like to open the floor to any of you that would like us to come speak, about our mission in Africa, anywhere that you would like. We have a few more things scheduled while we are back but welcome the chance to continue doing what we can for the people in Chad while we are here. We plan on being in the states until the first of August so if anything comes up, let us know. 

We are excited to be back speaking English and spending time with those we love.  

Thank you all again for being the biggest part of our mission.  You have supported us through some really rough times and for that we are forever grateful.  

Love and blessings, 
Tammy and Jamie Parker 

Jamie phone: +235 93 46 46 35 
Tammy phone: +235 95 25 86 58 

Jamie & Tammy Parker 
Hopital Adventiste de Bere 
52 Boite Postale 
Kelo, TChad 

All donations can be sent to: 

Harrison SDA Church 
P.O. Box 969 
Harrison,  TN  37341 

Make Checks payable to: 
Harrison SDA Church 
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