Thursday, November 21, 2013

It is the Season for Giving!

Tis the season for giving and Bere Adventist School is a great place to start.  I am in the process of trying to raise money for the school again.   I can't express to you enough how badly this building is needed.  These kids have no choice but to go to the other schools that are so wicked.  It breaks my heart.  And now that some of these kids, that are with me and Jamie,  are going to be in that next class next year it is hitting home even more how desperately we need this school.  Please help us help them!  I wonder how many other mothers are thinking the same thing here?  How scary it feels to put our children in a place where all the spiritual work we have put into these kids can be destroyed because there just is no other option.  

We are still needing $40,000 to build a 5 room building in order to make our school complete for all the education necessary before these kids go to the University.    I know it is a lot but it isn't to God.  I just believe that if we work together we can get this done, no problem.   I would like to start building the new addition in December.  Most may be thinking that I am crazy for thinking that I can raise $40,000 by next month.  But I don't think so.  I have seen what God has done here in the past and  how He multiplies $100.  I don't want to sound too forward but I believe that if this is something that God wants it will get done.  I have committed everything that I am to Him for this project.  I have been reading the book, The Circle Maker, and I am circling promises that God has made to His children.  I am willing to be His hands and feet here.   I took some time this last week and circled the school, I walked around the school once every evening for six days and then on the seventh I walked around 7 times.  I am not trying to manipulate God for that is impossible but I am trying to show Him my commitment.  I had several people staring at me and some yelling and asking me questions as to why I am going behind all the buildings?  I just kept moving forward and praying to God.  I had a whole list of things that I handed over to Him.  Now it is in His hands and I have shared every detail of what is needed.  Not that He didn't know already but God wants to hear our every need.  And sometimes it can be that one prayer away from a miracle.

Things may not go as I plan but whatever happens I will know that it is the will of God.  I will keep you all informed of what happens as the days go by and God provides for His children.  Thank you for your willingness to help.  Find your promises and help me circle them so that we can have a better opportunity to reach these kids and get them ready for Christ's coming! 

This is where we would like to put the new school building to complete the high school.  It will face the one that is in the picture. 

Love and blessings, 
Tammy Parker

Jamie phone: +235 93 46 46 35 
Tammy phone: +235 95 25 86 58 

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