Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hi! I wanna just know how about your travel? I hope that it's fine? We love you so much... Our heart will stay always with you.

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Doulgue Laomi Valery, vice principal of Bere(Tchad) Adventist school

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Its Been an Amazing Journey!

We did try and send this message to you a few weeks ago but the internet in Chad was so bad!  We are in Washington right now and realized that all the emails did not get sent even though it said they were a few weeks ago.  Sorry if you are among the ones that didn't get this earlier and sorry to those that are getting this message again. 

Dear Friends and Family, 

June 29, 2009 God clearly sent us to this little bush Hospital in Bere, Chad Africa.  Now we are sad to announce that our time is coming to a close here.  We believe that God is sending us back to America.  We have just as many questions as to "why" as we did when He sent us here 5 years ago.  We know that God is still leading us, we hear his voice but He has not reviled everything to us yet.  We want to do His will but it seems as though the doors are closing for us here in Chad.  

As we are packing our things and going through everything, we have come across so many pictures and memories from our time here.  We are going to miss our Chadian family that has become such a big part of our lives .  We will miss working with the people and being someone they can come to when they need help.  We are going to miss our missionary family as well.  We have met so many wonderful people that have come through here that have given so much of their love and support.   When you live in a third world country as a missionary there are ties with people that will be there for life.  Jamie has told me that this has been his dream job and that is something that he is going to miss.  We are also going to miss this old, dirty, hard cement floor, full of spider web home that has so many fun memories.  In our living room we have put a saying up on the wall for everyone to see and it says, "May all who enter as guests, leave as friends".  We believe that this is exactly what has happened with everyone who has been here with us. 

We don't understand it!  There is so much more to do here!  But we have learned that we need to do what God wants and that His ways are not our ways.  We know that He could have worked things out for us to stay but so many of our prayers have lead us to this decision.  We have a peace in our hearts that this is the right thing to do for what ever reason.  We just want to go where God is leading us.  

To all of you, thank you everyone for going with us on this amazing journey.  We will keep you posted on what God has planned for us next.  But for now we are headed back to the states December 1st.  This has been an experience that we will never forget and one that we will cherish forever.  The experiences that we have had will make an everlasting difference in our lives.  We hope that by sharing our journey it has helped you with your own walk with the Lord. Thank you for supporting us through it all, we couldn't have done it without you.  We have been a great team with God as our leader. 

We ask that you stop any donations that you are sending in to AHI.  We will not be receiving any of this money.  If you find it in your heart to still help us we invite any gifts to the address below to help us through this transition.  But there will be no tax deduction for these gifts but we would really appreciate anything you can help us with.  We really have no idea what our next step is or where we are going to live.  We are just trusting that God will continue to take care of us and lead.  

With much love, 
Jamie and Tammy Parker

For any further donations, please send to: 

James and Tammy Parker 
P.O. Box 1366 
Collegedale, TN  37315

Our phone #'s in the states when we get back. 
Jamie phone:  (423) 310-2485
Tammy phone:  (423) 284-0242